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Post by Katherine on Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:41 am

Daughters of the Amazon was created in December 2011 by Ramona (a.k.a. Raymie). They were the first leader, but they never played Mario Kart Wii: the first game we were for, so the direction they took the sub-clan wasn't a good one. In February 2012, a month after they joined, I Katie/Katherine (a.k.a. King Decimator/KD) took over as leader and steered the sub-clan into a more competitive direction. I was probably the most important person to ever join the sub-clan because I kept it alive and active for 1.5 years before it started to get inactive and finally die.

We didn't take wars too seriously, and we didn't win that often, but we had many good players in the sub-clan. Our best lineup was the equivalent of what you would see in the high divisions of clan leagues. Our best players were a force to be reckoned with. We let anyone who wanted to war play though instead of just going tryhard lineups. We were never meant to be competitive, but we were driven more into that kind of direction.

As for our theme, we took it too overboard in the past and scared away many potential and current members. Various things happened that shouldn't have happened. To sum it up: the sub-clan acted too fake when trying to follow the theme and it was creepy. We also weren't the most appropriate, either. There were also many members that didn't care about the theme.

Then an event happened where the clan split off into another clan called Sekhmet's Pride because it was assumed that I wasn't taking the clan in the right direction by half of the members (including Ramona), but Sρ died and we lived on after recruiting people who had left earlier to keep us alive.

Also, one time we tried to make a Dα♦ Mario Kart 7 sub-clan, but that winded up turning out to be a disaster LOL.

Our time as a sub-clan finally came to an end in August 2013 after I had to leave Dα♥ to tend to my main clan Team Rocket (TR★). I left Amelia (a.k.a. K.P) and Tamika (a.k.a. Tamika) in charge and they unfortunately didn't manage to succeed in keeping the sub-clan active so it died.

Maria, myself, and Ramona brought Dα♥ back as a community for any game which its members wanted to play in January of 2014. Our goals for this revival were for the community members to not hide who they really are if they take the theme beyond the minimum, for them to be more appropriate, for them to take part more in the theme that makes Dα♥ what it is, and to make Daughters of the Amazon a more fun place than it used to be.

After the Nintendo WFC servers were shutdown May 20th, my clan I rejoined after TR★'s death in March: High Definition (HD☆), retired and I did not want to be bothered to make a new team on Wiimm-Fi for Mario Kart Wii. So I came up with just including a competitive division of members into this already established community, Dα♥. We hoped to get some kind of activity on Wiimm-Fi as everyone in here did not give up on the game yet. We didn't expect much, and we were fine with that. The fact we could still play in a place unique from the rest of what was left of the community is a miracle in and of itself. Then when Wiimm-Fi started to majorly prosper due to my efforts, it was more than we could have ever wanted.

Dα♥ has returned to its roots as a sub-clan for its competitive Mario Kart Wii division after over a year of life as a main clan for it. The clan was running out of vigor being a main and the members wanted something new also. As of November 28th, 2015 we are no longer a main clan. We hope the switch to a sub-clan isn't in vain.

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