4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC]

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4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] Empty 4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC]

Post by Katherine on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:19 pm

4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] GyESt6v
GP Pictures:

4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] VPw7NkT
4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] QXLRLx3
4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] A69MLIX
Wiimm-Fi Site Room Picture:

4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] DaVSWECBeforeWarWiimmfiScreenshot_zpsgee7opta
Top 5 Pic ✿♥‿〜:

4/11/15 ♦ Dα♦ 367-365 [WEC] CCv7eZR

My Conditionals/Entire War Footage With Skype Call:

Fiona's Conditionals:
-GGs, we freaking clutched it! ❀◠‿〜
-They got the bonus point... obviously.
-Results thread: [W2] WEC 365 - 367 Dα♥
-3 win streak.
-The only way we could possibly win going into the last race, was getting a top 5. Dixie's amazing shock made us clutch our best top 5 ever!
-Scarlett had Japanese language on her Wii, making her have to use a normal 'a' instead of 'α'. We didn't get penalized for that since the rules allowed it.
-I streamed on Hitbox. The link to the whole broadcast is in the Conditionals spoiler.
-I made a highlight of our reaction to our fabulous top 5 during the very last race. The link to it is here.
-They tried to win off accusing us of lag, but that failed. For their saltiness I made this totally awesome image: https://i.imgur.com/irL3C8z.png
-Thanks to Caroline for table.

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