4/18/15 ♦ Dα♦ 258-408 RΣ

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4/18/15 ♦ Dα♦ 258-408 RΣ

Post by Katherine on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:56 pm

GP Pictures:

GP2, race 3 D/C Picture:

GP3, race 1 D/C Picture:

Wiimm-Fi Site Room Pictures:

Before GP1

First D/C - After GP2, race 1

Second D/C - After GP2, race 2
-GGs. ❀◠‿〜
-Back to losing... D/Cs fucked us over after GP1 and we got murdered. :(
-Results thread: [W3] RΣ 408 - 258 Dα♥
-Louise D/C'ed GP2, race 3 with 4 and missed 1 race so they get +3 and wind up with 7 points for the GP.
-Dixie D/C'ed GP3, race 1 and had 0, which is less than 15 points, so they get +15 and wind up with 15 points for the GP.
-We apparently trolled them twice (here and here), so we got -20 for each trolling incident. Louise needs to be more careful.
-I streamed on Hitbox. The link to the first half of the broadcast is in the Conditionals spoiler and the second half is here: Broadcast Link.

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