4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢

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4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  Empty 4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢

Post by Madison on Sat May 02, 2015 11:03 pm

4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  PWOuodG
GP Pictures:

4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  0rh1896
4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  NgTwxzi
4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  CT3Xn1l
4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  Dmj9lgC
4/25/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 r¢  7amoIHu
-GGs. ❀◠‿〜
-Results thread: [W4] Dα♥ 346 - 386 r¢
-Katie got pretty fucking salty after this match and spewed it all over the results thread. We were up by 7 going into the last race and then as fate would have it, TWO of our LU fucking D/C right at the start of race 12 and the other team gets top 4. The 11 races before this were really fun, but this race literally ruined the entire fucking war for our team, especially for Katie.
-We were told that the pictures of the room on the Wiimm-Fi site weren't needed, so we didn't take any. We knew everyone was using their correctly registered FCs anyway.
-Katie streamed on Hitbox. The link to the first race is in the Conditionals spoiler. Unfortunately, the recording of the rest of the races got corrupted, but Kayla uploaded her POV of the entire war anyway.
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