Dα♥ Chat and Forum Rules ~ October 9th, 2015

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Dα♥ Chat and Forum Rules ~ October 9th, 2015 Empty Dα♥ Chat and Forum Rules ~ October 9th, 2015

Post by Katherine on Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:04 am

Chat and Forum Rules
Last Update: October 9th, 2015

NOTE: For people not in the clan, but registered on the site: You must follow the rules we follow to be on this site!

1. Dα♥ was built on a theme of femininity, interpreted by us as soft, but fierce. It's what sets us apart and makes us who we are today. The theme must be followed and consists of the following:

a. Miis must be soft and feminine in some way. Miis that are soft, but basic looking are fine as long as their body type is set as female. Miis with the male body type must look not only soft, but feminine (ex: eyelashes, makeup, etc.). With the theme being a feminine one, this fair trade keeps all Miis feminine in some way but allows for flexibility. Ask the other members for help with Miis if you need. ;)

A soft Mii consists of:
~ A look of innocence or happiness
~ Smiles
~ Makeup (not mandatory unless the Mii body is set as male)
~ Eyelashes (not mandatory unless the Mii body is set as male)
~ No mean or sad faces
~ No scars
~ No facial hair

b. For the Mii's name a heart (♥), diamond (♦), or some other feminine symbol is required somewhere within it.

c. We're soft but fierce. In order to promote that we're not hyper masculine like elsewhere, our public image needs to be soft as well as the chat atmosphere. Embrace your femininity (in harmony with your masculine side).

d. Once in awhile talk about things related to femininity.

e. Let the real girls here help you with following the above. If they give you tips, don't ignore them. They're the experts when it comes to being feminine.

f. If you decide to take the theme way beyond what's required, don't take it too far to the point where it gets creepy. Be yourself, just a more feminine version of yourself. To prevent from going to extremes, you are to follow these guidelines:

~ No expression of relationships, keep it private.
~ No erotic discussion, especially if you are role playing.
~ Act genuine, not fake.
~ Don't shove extra-feminine concepts and activities down other members' throats or flaunt it in their faces if they aren't interested in them. We all have some degree of femininity, that you are encouraged to express in accordance with the theme and some degree others may like that you aren't interested in, and you must respect those differences.
~ Humans only acted out in role plays, no animals (i.e. furry animals, My Little Pony).

2. Attempt to become friends with all sub-clan members. You don't have to be best friends, but at least try to get to know each other. Let's try to be close-knit. Respect other members, we want a friendly environment. No flaming, insults, being rude, etc. or you'll be kicked from the chat. Further violations of this rule will result in a permanent kick from the team. If there is a problem, PC the leader(s) or co-leader(s) about it before taking it publicly to the chat so we can work it out.

3. No consistent anger, even in calls. Keep salt to an absolute minimum (especially for funrooms...) and remain good sports.

4. Respect decisions of those with power over certain aspects of the sub-clan. We're here to keep the team running smoothly and femininely. If you don't like what one of us is doing, PC us, and we'll talk about it, don't just fight with us, it won't end pretty.

5. Our events are always for fun in the end. Do not get in the habit of taking them too seriously and ruining them for the rest of us or you will be kicked.

6. Refrain from constantly using inappropriate topics for discussions. Once in awhile is okay, just stay mature about it.

*Any Dα♦ members or site users that violate the established rules will be handled by the Leader(s), Co-Leader(s), or Super Mods accordingly.

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