6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα

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6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα Empty 6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα

Post by Katherine on Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:29 pm

6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα LTybL4n
GP Pictures:

6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα YGAEbB2
6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα JBsnKuW
6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα 4nBYuR1
6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα 7XDK0Ep
Wiimm-Fi Site Room Picture:

6/27/15 ♦ Dα♦ 346-386 Rα 47BG462
-GGs. ❀◠‿〜
-Results thread: [W1] Rα 386 - 346 Dα♦
-We almost got a nice comeback to get the bonus point during the last 3 races of the war, but we blew it. ;-;
-We did 1 race of GP1, then GP2 and GP3, and then we did the last 3 races of GP1 at the end.
-I subbed Kirita after he played GP2. The table says I played 8 races, but I actually played 7. I didn't count Kirita for GP1 because when he played during GP1 he scored nothing; only I scored something.
-We basically scraped up a lineup of whoever was online and registered at the time. We thought it would work out against one of the weaker teams in our division, but it looks like we were wrong. :P Not a good way for us to start off the season! D:
-Thanks to Devyn for the GP1 race 1 picture and thanks to Rosalina for the rest of the GP pictures.
-Thanks to Rosalina also for the Wiimm-Fi site room picture. They were not able to take a picture of one when Kirita was in the room, but I can confirm she was using a registered FC.
-I streamed on Hitbox. The link to every race I played is in the Conditionals spoiler and the last race I played can be seen here: Broadcast Link.

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